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expert Jeffery Hunter

Jeffery Hunter

Professional Gambler

I’ve wagered on a lot of sites. And I’ve gotten confused in the past and missed out on bonuses I should have easily been able to get. I was even kept out of a VIP room that could have gotten me a ton of bonuses because I got stuck playing on a different site. Play N Pin really showed me a better way.

expert Stuart Bates

Stuart Bates

Gambling Journalist

I’ve been tracking the casino industry for about 10 years now and I’ve noticed how complex it has gotten. The system at Play N Pin is a really good approach to the way people gamble today. It takes a lot of complex information and makes it very easy to access. This, I feel, is what wagerers should be using today

expert Janice Hoffman

Janice Hoffman

Casino Analyst

If you are like most people you’ve signed up for three or four sites in order to take advantage of welcome bonuses. But how do you keep track of what you are owed after the welcome bonus? Which casino is really the best place for your money on any given day? Play N Pin responds to those questions in a very credible way. I’m a fan.

expert John Barnes

John Barnes

Retired Casino Executive

I just retired from a casino career and finally have the time to gamble on my own. I looked around for systems that could help me and found Play N Pin to honestly be the most sensible one I’ve found. You know, I now wonder if some of our high end players were using it. It’s a good system that works out really well for the players.

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